Amending your booking

Please note if your ticket is non-refundable you can only amend dates and times, NOT the departure point, destination or Train Operator. A non-refundable ticket can only be amended up to the date/time of the first booked departure. After that time the ticket has no value and a fresh ticket must be purchased. If your ticket is refundable you may cancel your booking and re-book any journey; the destination, origin and train operator do not have to be the same.

Amendments through Split My Fare

To amend through Raileasy (Our Ticketing Partner) please re-book online with your new dates/times and complete our online refund application form HERE. You will need to enter your 8-10 digit ticket collection reference and the original ticket collection reference you no longer require which we will refund. We cannot change your ticket for you. If you re-book online but have already collected your original tickets or tickets have been posted out to you must post the original tickets back to us to the address given below along with a copy of the completed refund form before we can refund you. We always recommend sending tickets via recorded delivery. If you are posting back the original tickets, these must be received by Raileasy no later than 28 days after the original travel date.

Changing your Origin or Destination

If you need to change your departure point or destination, you will have to cancel your booking so please check if your ticket is cancellable/refundable, you will find this information in your booking confirmation.

Amendment Charge

We charge a GBP 10 administrative fee per booking reference for amending your booking in addition to any increase in cost. (Please note that at a station you will be charged GBP 10 per passenger, per ticket plus any increase in ticket cost.)

Still Unsure

Email for further instructions.