Cancelling your booking

First please check if your ticket is cancellable/refundable, you will find this information in your confirmation email. Whether a ticket is refundable is determined by the fare type which is set by the train operating companies, not Raileasy. You can view the terms & conditions of every ticket before you book on the fares page by clicking on the information icon next to the price. We strongly recommend you do this BEFORE you book to make sure the ticket meets your needs.

How to cancel your booking

Please complete the online refund application form HERE . If you have collected your tickets or they have been posted out to you, you will have to return the tickets to the address below along with a completed copy of the refund application form before we can refund you (recorded delivery recommended). If you are returning your original tickets for refund, these must be received by Raileasy no later than 28 days after the original travel date You have within 28 days of the travel date for a single and of the return date for returns to cancel your booking.

Train Cancellations and Delays

If your train has been cancelled and your ticket is completely unused we may be able to refund you, if your train is delayed or you experience any other issues with the level of service you will have to contact the train company who operated your journey. You will find this information in your booking confirmation. For clarification please check the National Rail Conditions of Travel which will explain your rights.

Still Unsure

Email for further instructions.