Save on Your Train Tickets to Birmingham with Split Ticketing

Get cheap tickets to Birmingham by splitting your ticket.

Split ticketing involves splitting your fare into multiple tickets to cover separate parts of the journey whilst traveling on exactly the same train.

Use our ticket search to find hidden split ticket fares. The average saving for these is 30% but you could save up to 70%!

On top of that you’ll pay NO booking or card fees when booking with us. We just take a small percentage of the saving.


Journey to any of these stations when buying cheap train tickets to Birmingham:

Birmingham International

Birmingham New Street

Birmingham Moor Street

Birmingham Snow Hill

University (Birmingham)

Hamstead (Birmingham)


Examples of the savings that can be made when buying cheap train tickets to Birmingham with SplitMyFare:

London Euston to Birmingham New Street

Standard Fare: £79

SplitMyFare: £67.60

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £11.40


Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street

Standard Fare: £35.50

SplitMyFare: £31.40

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £4.10


Edinburgh to Birmingham New Street

Standard Fare: £116

SplitMyFare: £96

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £20



birmingham canal

"To me Birmingham is the greatest place in the world.” Mark Lewis Francis


Why Visit Birmingham by Rail?

We'll tell you where to split your ticket to Birmingham in order to make big savings and we provide an easy way to buy your split ticket. You'll split your journey into separate tickets but travel on exactly the same train.

Tell us which station you want to go to and in no time you could be enjoying the vibrant, cultural hotspot that is Birmingham with Cat Deely and Ozzy Osbourne (Well you never know). You might want to explore the fabulous Georgian and Victorian architecture, enjoy the variety of amazing food Birmingham offers or wander round the shops in the Bullring. Birmingham is a great destination with some of the UK's best attractions, ideal for families and groups of friends; it's also a very popular place to travel on business.

We recommend a visit to the Balti Triangle, the home of Pakistani food in the UK. Alternatively Symphony Hall is a world-class venue with amazing concerts on offer.

Fact: Birmingham means home (ham) of the people (ing) of the tribal leader Birm or Beorma.

How to find the cheapest train tickets to Birmingham

If you’re looking for cheap train tickets to Birmingham there are may ways to save money so you can explore Birmingham. It may be that you’re getting a train to Birmingham for a weekend with friends or with work, whatever the reason our journey planner will help you in getting the cheapest available tickets for your trip. Using the journey planner, you can save money travelling to Birmingham and use that in the shops or at a restaurant.

Some of the biggest savings can be had by searching for split tickets as described above. Another way to save money on train tickets to Birmingham is by buying an Advance ticket. Advance tickets are usually available from 12 weeks before the date of travel, so it is generally the case that the earlier you book your ticket within this timeframe the cheaper it will be. So if you’re coming to Birmingham to catch a flight or for some sightseeing, look out for the advance ticket type when you search for your ticket. The longer you wait to buy your ticket the more the price can go up so try to book as quick as you’re able, advance tickets are not normally available on the day of travel, so try not to book on the day.

You can save even more on your train tickets by using a railcard for your journey to Birmingham. If you’re a regular traveller this is particular useful as buying an eligible railcard can save you 1/3 off the price of all of your future tickets.