Save on Your Train Tickets to Chester with Split Ticketing

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Split ticketing involves splitting your fare into multiple tickets to cover separate parts of the journey whilst traveling on exactly the same train.

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Chester to Edinburgh

Standard Fare: £93.00

SplitMyFare: £26.76

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Chester to Newcastle

Standard Fare: £29.90

SplitMyFare: £26.66

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £3.24


Chester to Glasgow Central

Standard Fare: £92

SplitMyFare: £21.96

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £70.04



chester canal

"Chester, June 14. An hour's ride from Liverpool, through a delightful country, brought us to this place, one of the oldest and most remarkable towns in England.” Willard C. George


Why Visit Chester by Rail?

Chester is a gorgeous historic town that lies on the river Dee in the county of Cheshire. The city is well worth a visit where you can admire its collection of timber-framed houses and red-sandstone buildings, surrounded by the city’s Roman walls. Chester was a royalist stronghold during the English Civil War, and along the walls you’ll see the tower from which King Charles I used to watch his troops during battle.

There are plenty of trains that travel to Chester coming from London Kings Cross. Direct trains also run from Liverpool Street station and Birkenhead.

Aside from the city walls, another great attraction in Chester is the series of two-level galleried arcades arranged at the four streets that fan out in every direction from the Central Cross. Known as The Rows, it features a gorgeous mix of Tudor and Victorian architecture.

Originally built as a Benedictine abbey erected on the remains of an older Saxon church, Chester Cathedral is another famous attraction in the city recognized for its striking medieval architecture. A smaller church also worth visiting is the St. John the Baptist Church, which was built on the site of an older Saxon church.

The Groves is a riverside walk that runs alongside the River Dee starting from the Grosvenor Park and heads towards the Old Handbridge. There are also motorized tour boats that you can take for a trip down the beautiful river.

For museum fanatics, the Grosvenor Museum is worth a visit. It features a complete collection of Roman tombstones and at the back of it is a beautifully preserved Georgian house. Other attractions that are worth visiting in Chester include the Roman Amphitheatre, Blue Planet Aquarium and the Chester Zoo.

How to find the cheapest train tickets to Chester

If you’re looking for cheap train tickets to Chester there are may ways to save money so you can explore Chester. It may be that you’re getting a train to Chester for a weekend with friends or with work, whatever the reason our journey planner will help you in getting the cheapest available tickets for your trip. Using the journey planner, you can save money travelling to Chester and use that in the shops or at a restaurant.

Some of the biggest savings can be had by searching for split tickets as described above. Another way to save money on train tickets to Chester is by buying an Advance ticket. Advance tickets are usually available from 12 weeks before the date of travel, so it is generally the case that the earlier you book your ticket within this timeframe the cheaper it will be. So if you’re coming to Chester to catch a flight or for some sightseeing, look out for the advance ticket type when you search for your ticket. The longer you wait to buy your ticket the more the price can go up so try to book as quick as you’re able, advance tickets are not normally available on the day of travel, so try not to book on the day.

You can save even more on your train tickets by using a railcard for your journey to Chester. If you’re a regular traveller this is particular useful as buying an eligible railcard can save you 1/3 off the price of all of your future tickets.