Save on Your Train Tickets to Coventry with Split Ticketing

Get cheap tickets to Coventry by splitting your ticket.

Split ticketing involves splitting your fare into multiple tickets to cover separate parts of the journey whilst traveling on exactly the same train.

Use our ticket search to find hidden split ticket fares. The average saving for these is 30% but you could save up to 70%!

On top of that you’ll pay NO booking or card fees when booking with us. We just take a small percentage of the saving.


Journey to any of these stations when buying cheap train tickets to Coventry:


Coventry Arena


Examples of the savings that can be made when buying cheap train tickets to Coventry with SplitMyFare:

Coventry to Manchester Piccadilly

Standard Fare: £14.10

SplitMyFare: £10.59

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £3.51


Coventry to Aberdeen

Standard Fare: £67.00

SplitMyFare: £37.03

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £29.97


Coventry to Leeds

Standard Fare: £10.30

SplitMyFare: £36.90

By splitting with us you can make a massive saving of £12.60



coventry canal

"I love the place. I felt I've always been a loyal person. I take pride in a sense of belonging.” Steve Ogrizovic


Why Visit Coventry by Rail?

With its interesting mix of industry and culture, the city of Coventry is known for being both an industrial centre and a cathedral city. The city may have faced a setback when the British motor industry collapsed in the 80s, but it has since recovered, thanks to its redeveloped university, vibrant cultural scene and the interesting events celebrated here throughout the year.

Coventry railway station is situated on the main London to Birmingham rail route. There are three trains every hour to Coventry coming from London Euston station. The journey will take about an hour. Coventry is also on the main route of the Bournemouth to Manchester Piccadilly line, which is operated by Cross Country trains.

When you arrive in Coventry, there are many ways to get around the city. As home to the Black Cab, you’ll find plenty of these taxicabs here. You can start at the Coventry Cathedral Quarter, a medieval Gothic structure that was built during the 14th and 15th century. From here, make your way to the Lunt Roman Fort, an archaeological site that features exhibits about life in the Roman period.

Coventry is also home to some interesting museums, such as the Midland Air Museum and the Coventry Transport Museum. The Midland Air Museum showcases the work of Sir Frank Whittle, the pioneer of the jet engine, while the Coventry Transport Museum features the largest collection of British-made road transport in the world. If you’re into art, check out the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. This museum has an eclectic display of sculptures and paintings, including works by David Hockney, TS Lowry and Stanley Spencer.

Coventry is also known for its annual Christmas lights switch-on events. Happening annually in mid-November, the event also includes musical performances, firework displays and more.

How to find the cheapest train tickets to Coventry

If you’re looking for cheap train tickets to Coventry there are may ways to save money so you can explore Coventry. It may be that you’re getting a train to Coventry for a weekend with friends or with work, whatever the reason our journey planner will help you in getting the cheapest available tickets for your trip. Using the journey planner, you can save money travelling to Coventry and use that in the shops or at a restaurant.

Some of the biggest savings can be had by searching for split tickets as described above. Another way to save money on train tickets to Coventry is by buying an Advance ticket. Advance tickets are usually available from 12 weeks before the date of travel, so it is generally the case that the earlier you book your ticket within this timeframe the cheaper it will be. So if you’re coming to Coventry to catch a flight or for some sightseeing, look out for the advance ticket type when you search for your ticket. The longer you wait to buy your ticket the more the price can go up so try to book as quick as you’re able, advance tickets are not normally available on the day of travel, so try not to book on the day.

You can save even more on your train tickets by using a railcard for your journey to Coventry. If you’re a regular traveller this is particular useful as buying an eligible railcard can save you 1/3 off the price of all of your future tickets.