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Durham to Birmingham New Street

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Durham to Southampton Central

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Durham to Aberdeen

Standard Fare: £38.5

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durham canal

"If you have never been to Durham before, go there at once. Take my car, it’s wonderful.” Bill Bryson


Why Visit Durham by Rail?

Durham is known as a cathedral city, featuring a fine Norman castle that dates back to the year 1073. Nowadays, the castle, which lies along the loop of the River Wear, is turned into a college of Durham University. Surrounding the castle is a cobweb of hilly cobblestone streets, filled with university students going about their daily life.

The best way to get into Durham is to arrive by train where you get to admire the city’s breathtaking views. There are trains running on the East Coast Main Line coming from London Kings Cross Station and York railway station. Trains also come from other places in the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham. The Durham train station is only a short walk away from the city centre and is well connected towards the cathedral by the Cathedral Bus.

The city centre of Durham is pretty compact, with some small roads that are pedestrian-friendly. There are a number of sites that are worth visiting in the city and the most remarkable of these sites are the Durham Cathedral and the Durham Castle. Both sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, dating back to 1073.

The Treasures of Saint Cuthbert that can be found within the cluster of the buildings of the Durham Cathedral and is home to a wide range of amazing artefacts including the coffin of Saint Cuthbert, which was from the 7th century. Take time to walk towards the charming River Wear where the Durham peninsula was built upon.

The Botanical Gardens that are close to the Howlands Park and Ride as well as the Collingwood College is also a must visit. If you fancy shopping, check out the Durham Indoor market. This is a beautiful Victorian covered market selling a wide range of products, including traditional sweets.

You can also take part in a tour of the Durham University Campus where you get to learn about the fascinating history of the university.

How to find the cheapest train tickets to Durham

If you’re looking for cheap train tickets to Durham there are may ways to save money so you can explore Durham. It may be that you’re getting a train to Durham for a weekend with friends or with work, whatever the reason our journey planner will help you in getting the cheapest available tickets for your trip. Using the journey planner, you can save money travelling to Durham and use that in the shops or at a restaurant.

Some of the biggest savings can be had by searching for split tickets as described above. Another way to save money on train tickets to Durham is by buying an Advance ticket. Advance tickets are usually available from 12 weeks before the date of travel, so it is generally the case that the earlier you book your ticket within this timeframe the cheaper it will be. So if you’re coming to Durham to catch a flight or for some sightseeing, look out for the advance ticket type when you search for your ticket. The longer you wait to buy your ticket the more the price can go up so try to book as quick as you’re able, advance tickets are not normally available on the day of travel, so try not to book on the day.

You can save even more on your train tickets by using a railcard for your journey to Durham. If you’re a regular traveller this is particular useful as buying an eligible railcard can save you 1/3 off the price of all of your future tickets.