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Terms & Conditions on Tickets

These Terms & Conditions are supplied by, our Ticketing partner.. They were last updated on 12th July 2012. Please click here for the most up to date Terms & Conditions. is a retailer of UK rail tickets, it does not set the terms and conditions of the various ticket types. It is the individual train operating companies (TOCs) that do that. passes these on to you, the customer. However does have a number of requirements of you which you must agree to before buying a ticket.

1. National Rail Conditions of Carriage

The National Rail Conditions of Carriage set out the minimum level of service you are entitled to expect plus your rights and responsibilities when travelling on the National Rail network. You can view these in total by clicking here.

The Uniform Rules for the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers by Rail ("CIV") apply to train travel on Eurostar services. These can be viewed here along with the terms and conditions for Eurostar tickets.

2. Ticket On Departure

If you select a departure point where ticket on departure machines are available, Raileasy encourages you purchase your tickets on this basis. Picking up your tickets just before you travel is very convenient. However, there are several conditions you must abide by.

a.You must have the card in order to collect

(i) You must use the exact same card to pick up your tickets that you used to buy them.

(ii) You are given a "ticket collection reference" when you buy your tickets and you need to type that into the ticket delivery machines at your departure station but you also have to insert the card used to buy the tickets into the machine. The machine will not deliver the tickets without the card so it is your responsibility to have the card used for booking in your possession when you pick up your ticket. We recommend that you print the confirmation email containing your reference for ease of collection.

(iii) REMEMBER you may collect your tickets from the moment you book from any TOD station so if your card will expire before the departure date you must collect them before.

(iv) If your card is stolen or lost please call us IMMEDIATELY, if there is time we may be able to post your tickets out but this cannot be guaranteed.

b. Arrive at least 20 minutes before

You must make sure you arrive in enough time to collect your tickets, we recommend at least 20 minutes before departure. You cannot travel with just a ticket collection reference, you must have your tickets to travel.

c. Early morning travel

If you are travelling early in the morning, you must check the opening times and accessibility of the ticket collection machines. Sometimes these are only available in ticket offices which open later than the station itself.

d. Issues with the ticket machines

(i) In the event the ticket collection machines are not working, you should go to the ticket office. In the event there is no one at the ticket office, please phone the contact number on your confirmation email and you will be advised what to do.

(ii) Some ticket collection machines are located in unmanned stations but they will have a contact number on them if the machine breaks down. If it is not possible to get your tickets, there is a good chance you will be charged again on the train. Raileasy will refund this as long as you can demonstrate you have arrived in time, gone to the ticket office if available and contacted our call centre. If you have a camera in your mobile, it will be very useful if you can take a picture of a closed ticket office, i.e there was no one there to assist you.

e. Be patient with the machines

(i) Please ensure you have received all your "coupons" (tickets) before moving away from the machine. You will be able to check the number of coupons you should have, either on a message from the machine, or one of your coupons will indicate how many there should be in total.

(ii) If your tickets or portion of fail to print there may be an issue with the machine, please go to the ticket office in the first instance. Unfortunately if your tickets fail to print we will be unable to offer a refund, the responsibility lies with the train company that manages the station. Raileasy are a retailer and therefore do not own any of the issuing machines.

3. Non TOD Tickets

a. Where ticket on departure collection machines are not available, will send your tickets by First Class post. It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery address you enter is correct.

b. Your tickets can take up to 5 days to arrive but, if they have not arrived by 5 days since you made the booking, it is your responsibility to contact us to advise us. Raileasy will not replace tickets if you leave it until just before you travel to advise us that your tickets have not arrived. If there is a problem with the post, the tickets will not arrive by 5 days after purchase so it is then you must contact us.

4. Seat Reservations

Where possible Raileasy will assign seat reservations for your journey, please note only advance tickets come with compulsory reservations and these are subject to availability. If you purchase a flexible ticket seat reservations cannot be guaranteed. Raileasy will also assign seating preferences where possible but again these cannot guaranteed as they are subject to availability. Raileasy cannot he held responsible for customers that do not receive seat reservations or their preferred seating arrangements.

5. Re-Checking train times

Please make sure you check your train times before you travel at National Rail enquiries on 08457 48 49 50 or via the website to make sure there haven't been any changes to your journey as a result of engineering works for example.

6. Amendments & Cancellations

(i) The terms and conditions applicable to your ticket type determine the circumstances under which it can be cancelled/refunded all tickets are amendable. The ticket type's fare terms are set by the train operating companies not Raileasy. Please check the terms and conditions of your ticket before you proceed to purchase to make sure they meet your needs.

(ii) The fare terms and conditions can be viewed when you select the times and price that suits and by clicking on the information icon next to the fare price.

(iii) As a general rule, the fares found by selecting "cheapest" on the fares and timetable will be amendable but not cancellable/refundable. The more expensive flexible fares are usually amendable and refundable.

(iv) You may be able to amend your journey at your departure station. You will usually be charged £10 per ticket at the station for changing your journey. To amend through Raileasy please re-book the same journey yourself within 28 days of the original travel date (the new travel date may be after this period however)

(v) To cancel or amend your journey please email the original and new (if applicable) reference number to

(vi) Note that for Advance tickets, only times and dates may be amended not the origin or destination. Refunds must be processed within 28 days of the travel date for a single, or within 28 days of the last date of validity for the return portion in the case of a return ticket. If you have the tickets in your possession they must be returned wholly unused via recorded delivery to the address below: Raileasy Refunds Po Box 3522 Stafford ST16 9PY

(vii) All amendments and cancellations/refunds are subject to a £10 administration fee on the ticket price only. If an amendment results in a lower price ticket, the difference in fare will not be refunded.

7. Promotional Activity

Raileasy regularly conduct customer surveys and information requests to improve the service offered by We appreciate your time and often incentivise this activity so please refer to the guidelines ( where applicable ) as the Promoters decision is final and binding in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into. Participants agree to be bound by specific offer Terms and Conditions. The promoter reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual found to be acting in any manner deemed by the promoter to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions; or to be acting in any manner deemed by the promoter to be disruptive. Should you have any queries please contact us

8. Limitations Of Split Ticketing

The customer must observe any ticket restrictions and can only use trains that stop where they change from one ticket to the next.

Split tickets are permitted by the National Rail Conditions of Travel, provided that the train you are travelling on stops at the departure stations named on your split tickets.

When using Split Tickets, you don't have to get off the train where you change from one ticket to another.

Ensure that if a journey involves changing trains that you do so and don’t continue to travel on the first train you boarded

If your onward split ticket is an Advance ticket and a previous train delay means you miss a connection, your Advance ticket will become invalid for the change of train.

If a train breaks down or there’s bad weather, then strictly speaking, the onus upon the train company is to get you to the destination shown on the ticket you are actually travelling on.

Time restrictions must be adhered to, for example:

Not using an off peak split ticket during peak time.

If using an advance ticket with a specific time and route, then the train this corresponds to must be used

With Split Tickets, you may have a different seat reservation with each ticket.